A Great Lakes Worship Experience


Praise and Worship is a very important part of our ministry. At Great Lakes Kingdom Ministry we desire to give full expression to our faith. We express our love to Christ through our Praise and Worship.

Our assignment is to be a part of that Davidic Generation that praised God with everything they had. We use banners, flags, crowns, and scepters to give praise, honor, and glory to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Fiery Praise and heartfelt Worship is very significant to our ministry. With a strong emphasis on rebuilding the Tabernacle of David, we invite our Lord and Savior into our services.

We also believe that God gives each generation their own Prophetic Sound. There are songs and declarations that are relevant for a particular time and season. There are songs that release breakthrough and deliverance for a specific generation. At Great Lakes Kingdom Ministry, we desire to be a ministry that sings melodies from heaven to set the captives free.