Dance Ministry

The dance ministry has blossomed as one of the most anointed and innovative departments.  With flags, banners, billows, crowns, scepters and even swords GLKM "Worshipping Warriors" help pioneer a strong "Tabernacle of David" presences. With beautiful and colorful garments the dancers minister prophetically and add a certain angelic dimension or feel to the intercession, praise and worship.

Children's Ministry

Kingdom Kidz
This ministry promotes fun while building Godly character and teaching children 12 years old and younger the fundamental principles of the Kingdom.

Youth Ministry

The goal of this ministry is to raise up the next generation of Kingdom believers; to release a wave of young and anointed Christian warriors into communities all over the world. Our desire is to help young men and women identify their gifting and anointing and to unlock their God-given potential that often lies dormant on the inside of them.

Men's Ministry

As brothers' in the Lord, this ministry’s goal is to build men of character that represent our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in a way that pleases Him but also motivates other Godly men to live a life that pleases God.

Women's Ministry

Kingdom-Minded Women of Purpose
This ministry promotes unity and harmony among women while creating a sense of family and sisterhood. We also represent Godly women of character by displaying the model and image of Jesus Christ in all that we do.

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